Cine Sony Facts

  • Cine Sony #1 Rated Spanish-Language Cable Channel.                                                                              

  • #1 for 88 Consecutive Weeks.                                         

  • Cine Sony is the most popular Spanish-language network. Delivering the Hollywood content Latinx want.                                                                                     

  • Source: Coverage Rating Nielsen Live +SD Linear TV with VOD. 3/30/20-5/31/20                                         

  • Comscore TV Essentials, CVG RTG, Q1’20-(12/30/19 – 3/29/20) vs. Q1’19 (12/31/18 – 3/31/19) Live; Comscore TV Essentials, Q1’20 vs. Q1’19, AA, Live, Total Day (6a-6a)

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Executive Director

Game Show Network

2150 Colorado Ave., Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90404



Cine Sony is the #1 rated Spanish-language cable network. Featuring commercial free box office blockbusters, critically acclaimed dramas, hit comedies, popular horror, adrenaline fueled action movies, and family favorites. Cine Sony is the home for Hollywood blockbusters. Hollywood Vive Aquí.


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