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Cogent Communications is a leading global ISP, consistently ranked as one of the top five Internet backbone networks in the world. Cogent specializes in delivering high speed Internet access and IP Transit services to businesses. NCTC Members can take advantage of Cogent’s partnership with NCTC enabling them to order IP Transit service from Cogent at any one of the over 750 carrier-neutral data centers connected to the Cogent Network in North America. 

Contact Info:

Tom Worstell

VP of Sales

Cogent Communications

2450 N Street, NW | Washington, DC 20037

202-295-4200 |


- Interconnected with over 7,130 access networks

- Over 58,000 route miles of intercity fiber
- Intercity network capacity of up to 2,500 Gbps
- Over 88,000 customer connections

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