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ducktv, television for absolute beginners, is an educational and entertaining channel for children aged 3 and under. With no language, original animation and only an original music track, parents and caregivers feel safe having their young kids watch ducktv since there are no commercials. Our goal is to develop and amuse young children. Our programming teaches the basics – colors, numbers, shapes, animals, size, categorization etc. - while giving parents and caregivers peace of mind on what their children are watching. ducktv launched in 2007 and is Kids-Safe certified. The channel is available in over 150 countries worldwide. The service is owned and managed by MEGA MAX MEDIA, s.r.o. and is based in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Contact Info:

Sue Panzer

North American Representative


200 West 79th St. Suite 15K | New York, NY 10024

917-763-9826 |

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More About Us

Our content is first created from an original music track, followed by original animation. We have developed thousands of episodes for our various series to help children develop their cognitive, auditory and motor skills. ducktv is family-oriented so we recommend that parents watch TV with their children. Co-viewing gives parents an opportunity to talk with their child about the concepts and themes in each program. Only 1.4% of our content has talking characters, making ducktv appealing to children of all nationalities and ethnicities. Music is the universal language! We own the worldwide rights to the programming and offer our multiplatform content as a linear service, VOD/SVOD, OTT and mobile. 

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