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Member Testimonial

Available in over 100 countries, 8 languages, the Hopster mobile app has generated more than 3.5 million downloads and amassed more than half a million subscribers worldwide. Hopster has secured #1 grossing kids app in 51 markets across the world and is No 1 most downloaded kids app in the Apple App Store in 69 countries. Hopster’s TV service is available on smart TVs worldwide including on Roku, Comcast, Cox and MediacomCable (Xtream).

User Testimonials:
“Totally guilt-free experience as all the content is educational - Amelia”

“Great learning opportunities for children. We love to learn. - Penny”

Contact Info:

Anand Shah

Commercial Director


54 Commercial St | London, UK E16Lt

+447956866709 |


Hopster is an educational entertainment service that is designed to develop children’s learning through quality preschool shows, beautiful books, and songs that develop kids’ literacy, numeracy, and creativity skills. 

Hand-selected by experts, all of the content is safe, ad-free, COPPA, and KidSafe certified and in-line with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

At Hopster our aim is to help children learn the positive values of inclusivity and equality, and to reflect the diverse world we live in.


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