Member Testimonial

It would be nice if the programmer could include a quote or success story, or a testimonial from an NCTC member who is carrying them. I can also give each programmer a checklist of what they need to provide, specs, due dates, etc.

Contact Info:

Ray Pearson

VP of Distribution

Jewelry TV

9600 Parkside Drive | Knoxville, TN 37922

865-599-9806 |

This could be an optional row of images and each could link to a URL or not, their choice But it would give the page a nice break and visual look.


A brief description of their programming, I say we limit the number of words so the page layout stays nice and clean and easy to insert.


Here, the programmer could include up to 3 links for various supporting documentation. We would want them to name the links and give us the URLs

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