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“Working with MOBITV will position HTC to deliver the best content over the best infrastructure,” said Sandy Hendrick, Marketing Supervisor, HTC. “HTC has also had a strong reputation for being a leader in customer service. Partnering with MOBITV will strengthen our service offerings, capacity and network reliability.”

“As a competitive provider, we need to offer our subscribers innovative services in double or triple-play bundles that will meet their viewing, broadband and telephony needs,” said Larry Eby, COO of Vast Broadband and Vexus. “MOBITV has a proven product that we could launch speedily as we build out our residential fiber-to-the-home platform in newly acquired and existing markets. MOBITV Connect will enable us to differentiate our service offerings in a competitive market.”

The MobiTV Connect approach is a “much better platform that allows for a cloud DVR,” said Geoff Levy, senior vice president of marketing @Windstream

“From an operator perspective, it’s a huge advantage to be able to control a specific channel lineup that suits our local subscriber base and reflects its taste,” said Katie Espeseth, VP of New Product @EPB_Chattanooga

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Lauren Johnson

EVP, Marketing & Sales

SVP, Sales
1900 Powell St., 9th Fl

Emeryville, CA 94608



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MOBITV is the leading white-label Pay TV streaming service in the market, which enables Pay TV operators to rapidly launch a branded, thoroughly compliant, fully-featured app-based Pay TV service. With the explosion of smart TVs and connected devices like Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV, MOBITV has been able to extend its platform to provide a true multi-screen experience, replacing outdated set-top box solutions. Operators now have a way to offer a full cable line-up with an on-demand catalog, live TV, catch-up TV, network DVR and recommendations available on nearly every device. MOBITV powers a fully IP-based approach and, in combination with almost two decades of MOBITV’s expertise in IP video delivery, operators can finally make the switch to a truly future-proof TV solution.


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