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Member Testimonial

"OpenVault has been an amazing partner in helping us to drill down on our subscriber analytics to get ahead of the growth and create a better product and provide a better customer experience."

- Diane Quennoz, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Vyve Broadband

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Contact Info:

Larry Foland

VP-Sales North America


95 River Street| Hoboken, NJ, 07030

201-677-8480 |


OpenVault is a market-leading source of broadband technology solutions and data-driven insights into worldwide broadband consumption patterns. OpenVault’s cloud-based, SaaS solutions and tools help service providers optimize network performance, increase revenue and improve subscriber satisfaction. OpenVault aggregates and analyzes the resulting market data to provide unparalleled granular views of consumer usage that can be used to anticipate residential and business broadband trends. As the world’s only solutions provider focused exclusively on optimizing networks and driving revenue for cable, fiber and wireless broadband operators, OpenVault provides its solutions for, and data from, more than 150 service provider engagements across four continents, resulting in unique insight into usage with solutions that unlock the power of that data.


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