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Did You Know?

Free Previews on OUTD, SPMN and WFN in 2Q'20 brought in new viewers who had not watched or had not had access to the network in the past. 

  • 15.8 million households tuned into OUTD in 2Q'20 - 8 million did not watch or have access in 1Q'20

  • 10.6 million households tuned in to SPMN in 2Q'20 - 5.1 million did not watch or have access in 1Q'20

  • 4.6 million households tuned in to WFN in 2Q'20 - 2.3 million did not watch or have access in 1Q'20

Contact Info:

Nathan Holm

Director of Distribution of Affiliate

  Sales & Marketing 

Outdoor Sportsman Group

1000 Chopper Circle | Denver, CO 80204



Outdoor Sportsman Group the home of Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network. 

Outdoor Channel, is the leading network of outdoor action and adventure. Come to Outdoor Channel
for epic adventures, exhilarating action in the field and on the water, charismatic personalities and the best in outdoor-centric cinema.

Sportsman Channel the place to watch and learn how to become a better hunter, shooter and angler. It honors a lifestyle that is celebrated by millions of Americans, Sportsman Channel presents authentic hunting, fishing, and shooting programming. 

Celebrate the reel life with the World Fishing Network. It is the only network dedicated to life on the water and the wide variety of related travel and cultural experiences it offers. 


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