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Member Testimonial

"Wanted to drop you a line to tell you how pleased we are with your service, and how pleased we are to be saving close to 40%(!) on our credit card transaction fees. It’s been….16 months since we transitioned to CardConnect? In that time I can honestly say that working with you is easy, and the customer support has been terrific."

- San Bruno CityNet Services 

Contact Info

Veronica Pratt

Account Relationship Manager  


670 N Commercial St | Manchester, NH 03101



As a dedicated NCTC partner, Savings4Members tips the scales in favor of member businesses across North America. The Savings4Members team actively supports members like you with comprehensive cost-cutting services and easy access to benefits that boost profitability and save members thousands. As an NCTC member, you can save on credit card processing, payroll, uniforms, fuel, wireless services and much more.

Every NCTC member has access to a savings dashboard. See the programs available to you: 


Featured Vendor Partner

CardConnect AIP, Credit Card Processing 
CardConnect AIP wants to be the last processor you ever have to use. Offering members an easy-to-understand pricing model that typically results in a reduction in fees of up to 40%. Members receive unbeatable customer service with no early termination fees, next day funding, and periodic account audits to ensure you’re always saving with the best rates.

• Managing $2.6 billion in credit card receipts
• Saved our clients over $50 million
• 60+ Endorsements
• Single Digit Attrition for 12+ Years


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To learn more about CardConnect AIP, contact Jim Maddox at 623-233-4211

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