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Member Testimonials

"The decision to move to ZCorum was an easy one once we saw the advanced tools we would have
at our disposal. It's clear that ZCorum is leading
the pack in diagnostics software. TruVizion is very intuitive and provides more information than what
we had before."
Kevin Arthur, Network Manager at CentraCom

Transitioning a large number of customers from one service provider to another is no easy task; so, the quality and value offered by the new partner must represent a significant improvement. The advanced diagnostics applications, and the enhanced level of technical and customer support that we receive from ZCorum made the transition worthwhile."

Steve Firpo, San Bruno Cable TV  

Contact Info:

Arthur Skinner

Vice President, Sales


4501 North Point Parkway | Suite 125
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022 | USA

678-507-5000 x5553


ZCorum provides a comprehensive suite of broadband products and services to Cable Operators, Telephone Companies, Municipalities and Utilities, including diagnostics applications and managed services designed to ensure you can provide a quality broadband experience more efficiently and at less cost. Our patented TruVizion software helps broadband providers troubleshoot subscriber and plant issues on DOCSIS and Fiber networks in a single interface. PreEqualization Analyzer is a DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) application that identifies upstream impairments and their approximate location before the subscriber's service is impacted. Upstream Analyzer remotely displays the return path spectrum passing through the CMTS with no additional equipment needed. SpectraVizion uses Full Band Capture (FBC) to remotely display downstream spectrum passing through the CPE. Our managed services include data & voice provisioning on the CPE, cloud-based residential & commercial VoIP, engineering assistance, network monitoring and 24 x 7 end-user technical support. We also provide Carrier Grade NAT solutions for IPv4 conservation and IPv6 migration, and field test equipment for RF leakage.


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